What size gun safe do you need?

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Many people don’t realize how easy it is to fill up a gun safe. But in the same way that a bedroom closet doesn’t exclusively house clothing items, a gun safe is often used for more than your actual guns. Here are a few details to consider when determining what size gun safe is best for you. 

Account for Everything You Will Put in Your Gun Safe

What do you want to store along with your guns? Think of everything from gun accessories to ammunition to personal items. For practicality’s sake, many gun owners prefer to store their guns and their accessories in the same organized location. Take that into consideration when determining what size gun safe to purchase. You’ll also want to plan additional space for any guns you purchase in the future. 

Be sure to consider any important documents or other personal items that you want to protect from fire or theft as well. As a general rule, don’t just get a bigger size safe than you think you need – get a much bigger safe than you think you need. You will use all the available space.

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Account for The Size of the Guns Placed Inside

The number assigned to a safe indicates how many cutouts there are for gun barrels. This number does not, however, account for stocks, optics, or other accessories. Think about the difference in size between a .22 and an AR. Account for optics, slings, bipods, etc., and you will likely take up all the space in a safe with just half the guns it is said to be capable of housing. 

Additionally, you don’t want to risk your firearms potentially losing their position on sights by cramming your rifles into a nearly full safe. Survey the size of the guns you own and/or plan on owning in the future before determining what size gun safe is best for you. It is generally advised to cut the advertised space in half—if a safe advertises that it holds 20 guns, plan on comfortably storing 10. Both Liberty & Cannon gun safes offer a variety of sizes. 

Account for Where It Will Be Placed

The final topic for consideration when determining what size gun safe will best meet your needs is where you will store your gun safe. Measure potential locations for your safe in your home before you make your purchase to ensure it will fit. This is particularly important if you’re considering storing your safe inside a closet or smaller room. 

Think about floor space as well; if you have limited floor space in the location you’ve chosen, a taller safe will help maximize the use of that space when a wider one isn’t an option. Though you can certainly change your mind about your safe’s location once it has been installed, it would be much more ideal not to have to relocate your safe at all. 

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