Relocating Your Gun Safe During a Move

relocating your safe

Moving is often a stressful experience. While there’s excitement, moving all of your possessions from one home to another is generally time-consuming and frustrating. Moving your valuables can be worrisome depending on how you’re transporting them. For example, having a moving team means that a bunch of strangers will be touching your items. Putting things in a moving truck means that they’ll have a chance to jostle around and get damaged. Because of this, it’s important to have a plan going into the moving process so you can minimize this stress. One of the items that you’ll need to make a plan for is your gun safe. Its size and weight mean knowing exactly where and how you’ll move it when the time comes. Here’s what you need to know about relocating your gun safe during a move!

Things to Avoid

If you have a gun safe then chances are that you have a collection of firearms. Moving a gun safe while your weapons are still inside of it is a rookie mistake. If you’re driving any considerable amount of distance then your guns are almost guaranteed to slide around inside the safe. This puts them at risk of being damaged, meaning that in order to transport them safely, you’ll want to take them out of the safe. Make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap or protective mesh before putting them in a vehicle and refrain from putting them under anything heavy.

Additionally, make sure all firearms are unloaded and equipped with trigger locks before putting them in your vehicle.

You should also be careful with how you put the safe into the truck. Remember to tie it down tightly so it doesn’t bang the vehicle or the items near it. Because gun safes are so heavy and durable you need to keep in mind that whatever item it clashes with will probably receive a lot of damage. 

Hiring a Moving Team

If you hire a moving team, then you should find peace in knowing that most places are willing to move your safe for you. With that being said, it’s important to communicate to them beforehand that you have a safe. The size and weight of a gun safe may require additional manpower. Alternatively, you could also hire a safe company to relocate it for you. Doing this ensures that you’ll have the best possible chances of getting it to your new house damage-free.

Transporting it Yourself

Although it is not recommended that you move a safe yourself, especially if you don’t have a vehicle designed to carry that much weight, it can be done if it is your only option. You should rent or borrow a truck from a friend and get some help so that you can carefully put the safe in the truck bed. Remember that some safes can be thousands of pounds so make sure that your vehicle can handle that much weight before transporting it. After moving it on there, you should thoroughly strap it down and put soft items around it in case it comes undone. Remember to drive carefully and slowly so you don’t cause harm to the truck or the gun safe. 

Let Us Help!

North American Safes assists our customers through repairs, lock changes, and relocations.  When it comes to safes, we are there to help in any and every way. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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