5 Tips For First Time Safe Owners

first time safe owners

Owning a safe is an excellent way to protect your valuables. 43,000 burglaries occur in the United States each day. Or 1 every 20 seconds. While you may think this won’t happen to you, and we hope it doesn’t, it pays to be ready. Many Americans are purchasing safes for the first time to help keep their valuable possessions safe and secure. However, when purchasing a safe, there are a few things you should know. Here are 5 tips for first time safe owners. 

Anchor Your Safe

Anchoring your safe to something on the wall or floor adds an extra level of security. Many burglars will try to break your safe by moving it. They’ll either take the entire safe back to their evil lair and work on it there, or try to break into it in a more open space where they can get more leverage. Safes are more vulnerable on the sides and back due to the metal being thinner than that used for the door. Anchoring your safe to a wall or floor keeps thieves from being able to move it and limits their ability to break in. The best time to do this is during the initial installation. Be sure to anchor your safe into wooden joists rather than just screwing it into drywall or floor paneling. Otherwise, the safe can easily be leveraged and torn from the wall. Long bolts fashioned into studs will help keep your safe, and your valuables, right where they should be. 

Invest In Something Heavy

While anchoring your safe is a must, so is investing in something heavy. A heavy safe adds another level of security in two primary ways. First, the heavier your safe, the more difficult it is to move. A heavy safe can’t easily be stolen or relocated. This means that it will continue to sit right where you installed your safe. Another reason heavy is better is because the heavier it is, the more steel was used in construction. A heavy safe is almost always a thicker safe. Remember how the sides and back of a safe are the weaker points? Thick steel on the sides makes it incredibly difficult to break through any part of the safe. While moving the safe might be a difficult task for you initially, it pays off in the long run by being just as difficult for anyone to move. 

Fire Resistant Doesn’t Mean Fireproof

This is perhaps one of the biggest misunderstandings among first time safe owners. However, it’s important to understand these terms when choosing the right safe for you. Fireproof is an obvious term. It means impervious against fire. Fire-resistant, on the other hand, means fireproof.. for a limited time. Truthfully there is no such thing as a “fireproof” safe as everything will eventually melt down when exposed to high heat long enough. Therefore if you choose to purchase a fire-resistant safe, there are a few things you should consider. Consider what you’ll be protecting. Electronics, books, and even money can still be damaged as the interior of the safe heats up. Be sure to get a safe with a fire seal, fireboard, and high fire rating. Fire-resistant safes are great. Just be sure you know what you’re buying before you trust it with your most valued possessions. 

Consider Your Needs

When purchasing a safe, do your research. Too many first time safe owners set out to buy a safe without first considering what they need to protect. Not all safes are the same, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. If you only need to protect a few small items, you don’t need a long gun safe. Consider what you have to protect and identify which safe can most effectively accomplish that goal. If you are unsure which safe, consider reaching out to an expert to help provide the best protection against threats. 

Take Humidity Into Consideration

One of the least considered aspects of owning a safe is climate. Where you live has a lot to do with which kind of safe you need to consider. While safe owners shell out big bucks to protect against threats like burglars and fire, they fail to realize moisture can just as easily ruin valued possessions. While you could store rice inside your safe, (which we don’t recommend) it’s better to get a dehumidifier that doesn’t need a power source to operate. If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier is a great way to keep your electronics, books, money, or anything else dry inside your safe. 

Let Us Help!

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