How To Move A Safe

How to move a safe

Owning a safe is a great way to keep your valued possessions protected. However, whether you just bought a safe, or you’re simply moving an old one, moving a safe is a difficult task. While it’s not impossible, it’s certainly something you need to think through ahead of time. There are a few tips that can help make moving your safe much more easy, and well… safe. Here’s how to move a safe. 

Prepare Ahead Of Time

The most important thing when moving a safe is preparation. After you’ve chosen the right safe for you, you need to move it. Think through your route and how you’ll navigate staircases and corners. Take measurements of your safe ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than moving your gun safe all the way up the stairs to your bedroom only to find it doesn’t fit inside your closet. Plan your route and make sure your safe will fit where you want it. After planning your route, gather your supplies. Things to consider would be:

  • A heavy-duty appliance dolly
  • Thick moving blankets
  • Support straps
  • Work gloves
  • Close-toed or steel-toed shoes

When it comes to moving a safe, preparation is key. The more preparation you do ahead of time, the easier your actual move will be. 

Get Help

After you’ve prepared for your move, find help. DO NOT attempt to move a safe by yourself. Anything larger than a lock box has the potential to cause harm to you or your house. The average safe weighs 200-600lbs. While you may think it’s simpler to muscle around yourself, this kind of weight can cause serious injury to your back. Even if you are strong, stabilizing something this heavy on your own is difficult. Imagine putting the safe on a dolly and taking it up the stairs only to have it come loose and crash down the stairs. The damage will be catastrophic. Ask some buddies to help move your safe. Offer to buy a pizza and you’ll find they’re more than willing. When it comes to this amount of weight, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Hire An Expert

The most effective way to move a safe is to hire an expert. Not only does this keep you from potentially hurting yourself, but experts are also trained and experienced. They have all the gear and know-how to effectively move your safe. The peace of mind is well worth the price. While you may feel like you could do this on your own, the potential risks are not worth the dollars you’ll save. Remember, while it’s important to keep your possessions safe, your personal safety is worth far more. 

Let Us Help!

North American Safes provides assistance to our customers through repairs, lock changes, and relocations.  When it comes to safes, we are there to help in any and every way. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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