5 Best And Worst Hiding Places For Your Valuables

Millions of Americans hide valuables in their home. While this is fine, many people fail to hide their valuables well. Whether your goods are kept hidden in a safe, or some other secret spot, it’s important to make sure they are out of sight. Keeping your possessions in a place that raises suspicion only raises the chance of your goods being stolen. Here are the 5 best and worst hiding places for your valuables.

5 Worst Places

Criminals may break into your house, but they won’t spend a ton of time looking in every nook and cranny. They’ll tend to zero in on anything that looks like an evil payday. So avoid these obvious places.

1. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is certain to get noticed by a burglar. Even if you have one, don’t keep any nice diamonds, pearls, or other precious stones in it. Only use it for cheap jewelry you won’t miss. 

2. Nightstand

Again, burglars look for the obvious hiding places for your valuables. Hiding valuables in a nightstand, desk drawer, dresser drawer, etc. is cliche and bound to be discovered. 

3. Toilet Tank

While criminals aren’t likely to take apart your toilet, the danger here is that the water could cause damage to whatever you’re trying to keep safe. That would make this location counterproductive. 

4. Lock Box

While lockboxes may seem like a great idea, the criminal will likely take it back to their evil lair and break into it there. If you get a safe, make sure the whole thing can’t be taken.

5. Obviously Fake Containers

Fake containers have their place (as we’ll look at) but cheap containers are obvious. And again, obvious doesn’t make for a good hiding place. Avoid gag containers or anything that doesn’t look like the real brand. 

5 Best Places

Just as there are absolutely terrible places to hide your valuables, there are also excellent locations to hide your possessions. Knowing where to hide anything of value is the first step to keeping it safe. 

1. Freezer

While this doesn’t work with everything, hiding money or other paper documents in the freezer works well. Since burglars don’t usually break for a midnight snack, anything you hide here will likely go unnoticed. This doubles as extra protection against a house fire as well making it an excellent location for safety. 

2. Boxes

While you don’t want to be obvious, you can hide things in plain sight. Putting your goods in a box marked “Christmas Decorations” or “Kids Clothes” in the garage or attic is a good way to help it go unnoticed. However, make sure it isn’t the only box in the room or it might get searched anyway. 

3. Trash Can

While this may seem gross, that’s kind of the point. No one breaking into your house is going to go through your garbage. Hiding some papers or something small underneath the liner is a great way to keep it out of sight… if not a little stinky.

4. Authentic Looking Containers

Making a container out of something you actually bought and used is a great way to make this strategy work. Brand name containers for cat litter or cleaning products will likely go unnoticed. No one is going to break into your house to steal your big box of baking soda.

5. Safe

A safe is without doubt the best way to keep anything secure within your household. Not only are safes difficult to break into, they’re heavy enough they can’t be carried away. What’s more, their complex locks make them difficult to pick. They come in all shapes and sizes which means there’s one for you regardless of your needs. Consider this option as the safest and most secure way to protect your valuables from those with ill intent. 

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