The History of Safes

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For being such a common household item, very little is known about safes by their owners. Safes have a long-running history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Let’s go over the history of safes along with how the design has changed over the years.

When were safes first invented?

The earliest safe that has been discovered dates back to the 13th century BC. It was found in the tomb of a notable pharaoh named Ramesses II. The safe was made out of wood, and it used pins as a primitive locking system. These pins moved and dropped into holes, thereby sealing the safe. This was both a resounding accomplishment for the time and a basis for every safe going forward.

It was not until the 19th century that safes became common household items. This added security started in the United Kingdom before it traveled overseas to the United States. Although safes have been improved since their conception, they are still fundamentally the same idea. Safes are durable frames that you can lock your possessions inside.

What were old safes lined with?

Old safes employed the usage of iron, stone, plaster, or alum as a way of increasing their durability. The outer shell consisted of iron, whereas the inner safe was lined with one of the mentioned materials. The reason that it was lined this way is that, on its own, iron had little fire resistance.

Modern safes use a slightly different structure to accomplish the same thing as their primitive designs. Modern safes combine iron and carbon to make a 100% steel safe all around. By adding carbon to iron, the metal becomes capable of bending when it resists force. This means that the safe is going to better avoid cracks when encountering an overwhelming amount of pressure.

What company makes the best safes?

If, after reading the history of safes, you want to purchase one, then you have come to the right place! There are plenty of great safes out there that will accommodate your needs. With that being said, there are two companies that stand above the rest.

Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes is an industry leader because of its devotion to creating a quality safe that is sure to give you everything you need. Every single Liberty safe is made from American-made, pickled, and oiled steel for greater strength and resistance to rust. The safes are also designed to be fireproof. They will keep your belongings secure from up to 12,000 degrees for up to 90 minutes. This functional safe boasts a functional and modern appearance that is bound to add flare to any home. If you are not sure which safe to invest in, then you cannot go wrong with liberty.

Rhino Safes

Rhino Metals is a veteran-owned manufacturing company. The safe bolts on both sides of the door would prevent the door from opening if someone tried to see off the hinges. It includes pre-drilled anchoring holes in the floor of the safe for an easy set-up. On top of that, Rhino’s safes are equipped with locks that block any attempts at hot-wiring, shorting, and manipulation. This means that the only way to open up the safe is by using the existing combination. As a whole, Rhino Metals provides its customer with a safe that is both pretty to look at and difficult to crack into.

Let Us Help!

North American Safes assists our customers through repairs, lock changes, and relocations. When it comes to safes, we are here to help in any and every way. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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