Rhino Gun Safe – The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Now that the holidays are right around the corner it’s about time to start shopping again. If you’re unsure what to get a friend or family member then consider buying them a rhino gun safe. They serve a multitude of purposes and look great in the home. Here are some of the benefits that will come with owning one of these safes.

Why You Should Gift Someone a Safe

Something that is detrimental to a home is a lack of security. Failing to put measures in place to protect it from intrusion is akin to leaving the front door wide open. On top of having a security system, you should also have a safe. Around the holidays, break-ins are at an all-time high because everyone is traveling so much. This is why there isn’t a better time of year to own a safe. 

If you’re not traveling then it’s likely that your family is coming into town. This means little kids running around your house getting into stuff. If you own any firearms then this can be a stressful time. A gun safe will ease these worries knowing that they’ll be untouchable to anyone but you. Owning a gun safe means that you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Why Rhino Gun Safes are Superior

Compared to other on-the-market gun safes, the Rhino brand doesn’t make a ton of major changes. Instead, it chooses to refine the fundamentals and give you a durable safe that is going to perform its job well. Rhino gun safes come in different shapes and sizes and include shelves that will hold your firearms in place. This prevents them from sliding around and getting damaged if the safe is ever knocked or falls. They also come with different locks, many of which will lock on both sides adding extra security to the safe.

How Much do They Cost?

The cost of a rhino gun safe varies depending on where you live and how it’s delivered. On top of this, things such as lock and size can change the amount you’re spending on it. Overall the price you’ll be looking at is anywhere from $2,000-$6,000. This investment will save you money over time as it prevents your guns from getting stolen or receiving damage. 

Let Us Help!

North American Safes assists our customers through repairs, lock changes, and relocations.  When it comes to safes, we are there to help in any and every way. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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