Liberty Safes vs. Browning Safes

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Purchasing a safe can be a difficult decision. The market is full of hundreds of brands and builds, each with its own niche. Fortunately, the decision is made easy as two brands rise above the rest! Liberty and Browning safes are two very popular options for a good reason. The safes emphasize quality and functionality over everything else. So which one is right for you? Here are the differences between Liberty safes vs. Browning safes.

Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes is an industry leader because of its devotion to creating a quality safe that is sure to give you everything you need. Every single Liberty safe is made from American-made, pickled, and oiled steel for greater strength and resistance to rust. The safes are also designed to be fireproof. They will keep your belongings secure from up to 12,000 degrees for up to 90 minutes. A Liberty safe boasts a functional and modern appearance that is bound to add flare to any home. If you are trying to decide which safe to invest in, then you can never go wrong with Liberty.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with owning a liberty safe; however, what does it have that Browning safes do not? Liberty safes cost a great deal cheaper than Browning safes. Liberty safes come in a variety of builds, the cheapest of which come at around $1000. Even though they are cheap, these safes are still high in quality. The design remains sleek, and the safes are still reliable. Essentially, you are sacrificing storage space, fire resistance, and a biometric lock when you go with a cheaper build. Bearing that in mind, if you are shopping on a budget, then Liberty safes are the way to go!

Browning Safes

Browning claims to have close to all of the qualities that a Liberty safe has. A Browning safe is made from steel, is fire-resistant, and is highly durable. With that being said, a Browning safe is sold at an inflated price; furthermore, it does not have the same security system that Liberty provides. The lock on a Browning safe is a standard combination dial. The lock customization that Liberty provides is all but lost when purchasing a Browning safe. This means that you are no longer able to buy the safe with a biometric lock.

Browning safes have a stronger focus on appearance than their competitors. If you want a safe that complements the colors and aesthetic of a room, then Browning could be for you!

The cheapest Browning safes cost around $2500. This is a great deal more expensive than Liberty safes. This may be fine for you if you have the money to spare but if you are shopping on a budget, then go with Liberty.

Which Safe is Right for You?

Liberty and Browning each have their own benefits. Liberty safes are cheaper, more customizable, and sleeker. On the other side, Browning safes are more expensive at the cost of a safe that is arguably more handsome. Both safes are reliable and durable so weigh your options before purchasing one over the other.

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