Best Decorative Safes for Your Home

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Adding a safe to your home does a lot more than protecting your belongings. If you are smart about your purchase, then you can find one that adds style to your household. Of course, not every safe is designed with fashion in mind so let’s go over the best decorative safes for your home.

What is a decorative safe?

Simply put, a decorative safe is one that adds to a home’s atmosphere rather than takes away from it. There are safes on the market that are all functional and have no visual appeal. Although these safes are a great form of security, it will not be long before they start to wear on your eyes. Purchasing a safe that is both functional and visually appealing is important if you do not want to regret adding it to your home. Finding this balance is not easy, but there are safes out there that fulfill both of these requirements!

Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

You really have two options when it comes to putting a safe in your house. You can either put the safe in a public place or hide it away. Putting it in a public spot means leaving it on display for everyone to see. If the safe goes with the rest of the room, then this can add a certain level of charm to your home. That said, you are going to need to buy a safe that is decorative. If you plan on putting your safe on display, then consider your home’s living room, bedroom, or basement.

If you plan on putting your safe in a private spot away from everyone’s eyes, then you do not need to worry as much about aesthetics. Since the point is for potential thieves not to find the safe, then you should find a way to camouflage it. Hiding your safe has a lot of tactical advantages; however, it is not for everyone. You will have to sacrifice the safes’ decoration purposes and its ease of access when you put it in a private spot. Ultimately, where you choose to place your safe is up to you. There are benefits to hiding it and keeping it out in the open so weigh your options.

What are the best home security safes?

If you are looking for a durable safe that looks good, then you have come to the right place! The following are two of the best manufacturers on the market. Both Rhino and Liberty are going to give you a product you are satisfied with.

Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes is an industry leader because of their devotion to creating a quality safe that is sure to give you everything you need. Every single Liberty safe is made from American-made, pickled, and oiled steel for greater strength and resistance to rust. The safes are also designed to be fireproof. They will keep your belongings secure from up to 12,000 degrees for up to 90 minutes. This functional safe boasts a functional and modern appearance that is bound to add flare to any home. If you are not sure which safe to invest in, then you cannot go wrong with liberty.

Rhino Safes

Rhino Metals is a veteran-owned manufacturing company. The safe bolts on both sides of the door to prevent the door from opening if someone tried to saw off the hinges. It includes pre-drilled anchoring holes in the floor of the safe for an easy set-up. On top of that, Rhino’s safes are equipped with locks that block any attempts at hot-wiring, shorting, and manipulation. This means that the only way to open up the safe is by using the existing combination. As a whole, Rhino Metals provides its customer with a safe that is both pretty to look at and difficult to crack into.

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