Can I Change My Liberty Safe Combination?

Liberty safe combination

Whether someone else has figured out your code, or the combination is too difficult to remember, there are plenty of reasons you may find yourself wanting to change the combination of your Liberty Safe. Now you may be wondering, can you even change your Liberty Safe combination? Yes! The following will both detail how to change your combination and what to do if you forget your Liberty Safe combination. 

What Types Of Locks Come On Liberty Safes?

There are many different types of Liberty safes, with many different types of locks, and they are not all the same. So how do you know which type of lock your safe has and how you can change it? Let’s take a look!

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are the more common and less secure of the two locks that come on your Liberty Safe. the mechanical lock is opened by rotating its dial to each number within the lock’s sequence. Turning the dial even one number too far will keep your safe from opening so it requires precision when in use. 

Electronic Locks

Prominently used in hotels, electronic locks require a six-digit code to get into your Liberty Safe. To set this lock you simply put in the numbers you want and then save it. Tread carefully, as it is both easy to forget your combination and for someone else to change your code if they have it memorized. 

How Do I Change My Safe Combination?

Now that you have identified your type of lock you will start your process of changing the combination. When it comes to mechanical locks you will either need to contact a locksmith or your Liberty Safe dealer in order to change the code. However; in the case of electronic locks, all you have to do is this one quick and easy process.

-Press the “0” key six times

-Enter your current six-digit code

-Input your new six-digit code

-Input your new six-digit code again

What Do I Do If I Forget My Safe Combination?

If you happen to forget your Liberty Safe combination then don’t panic. Your stuff isn’t going anywhere, and there is a high chance it will open back up again. In the meantime refrain from drilling or forcing your way into the safe as this could damage the lock making it harder to open up. If you run into this issue then contact a professional like those at “Best Built Safes” who make it their goal to help those in. 

Let Us Help!

North American Safes assists our customers through repairs, lock changes, and relocations.  When it comes to safes, we are there to help in any and every way. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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