What Type of Home Safe is Most Secure?

type of home safe

A home safe is a great addition to any house that comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, this wide variety of options can make it difficult to choose which home safe is right for you. Naturally, you want to find the most secure one you can, however, what type of home safe is most secure? If you’re not sure what to look for then this can be a hard question to answer. With that being said, here are the traits carried by a secure home safe.

The Different Kind of Locks

Different safes come with different locks, each of which has its own benefits. For example, the most common type of safe lock is a combination that you would see on a locker. They use a rotating dial that requires you to input the proper number sequence before it opens up.

Overall the most secure lock that you can find is a biometric lock. It requires your fingerprint to open the safe meaning that even if someone else has the code they can’t get into it. They also generally store multiple fingerprints meaning you can give access to a spouse or a child if necessary. It is very difficult to crack a safe with a biometric lock meaning that there’s a very low chance anyone is going to be able to break in.

Fireproof Safes

Having a fireproof safe will prevent your valuable items from getting damaged in the case of an emergency. A lock keeps the intruders out, but fireproofing your safe keeps the elements out. Be mindful of who you purchase a fireproof safe from, some stores claim to carry them but in reality, their metal isn’t built to withstand high temperatures. Making sure you put in the proper research before purchasing a home safe will give you a higher chance of finding security that you’re satisfied with. 

Choosing the Right Safe for You

On top of security, you should look for a safe that has the storage capacity to suit your needs. Think about what you’re planning on storing in the metal casing and get one that has the size to accommodate your items. As mentioned before, home safes come in many different variants so you should be able to find one you’re satisfied with.

Overall when choosing a safe you should take into account its durability, lock system, and whether or not it’s fireproof. Missing even one of these traits means that there’s a higher chance of you’re stuff being damaged. So weigh your options when picking out a home safe and contact a professional if you have any questions!

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