What to Pack in a Range Bag

range bag

Preparing for a day at the shooting range means packing a range bag with everything you need for a safe and successful visit. Fortunately, this guide will help you understand the essentials for your range bag, ensuring you’re ready and equipped for your next shooting session.

What do you need in your range bag?

Packing your range bag with the right items is critical to ensuring a successful and safe experience at the shooting range. Here’s a more detailed look at the essentials:

  • Firearms

Depending on your practice plan, include the specific handgun, rifle, or shotgun you intend to use. If practicing with multiple firearms, ensure they’re securely stored and transported according to local laws.

  • Ammunition

Ensure you bring enough rounds for your session and a little extra. Organize your ammunition to avoid confusion, especially when shooting different calibers.

  • Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is a concern for shooters. Electronic earmuffs or in-ear plugs allow you to hear conversations while blocking harmful noise levels.

  • Eye Protection

Safety glasses are non-negotiable. They should provide side protection and be made from a high-impact material to shield your eyes from flying debris and ricochets.

  • Targets and Stapler

You should bring various targets for your practice needs, and remember a stapler or tape to mount them. Target pasters can extend the life of your targets by covering holes.

  • Shooting Gloves

Optional for some, gloves can provide a better grip, protect your hands from hot barrels, and offer general comfort.

  • Cleaning Kit and Lubricant

A basic gun cleaning kit with brushes, rods, cleaning solvent, and lubricant can help you address malfunctions or perform end-of-day maintenance.

  • Range Membership Card

Some ranges require a membership card or ID for entry. Cash can be handy for range fees, ammunition, or other incidentals if the range doesn’t accept cards.

Storing Your Firearm

Storing your firearm correctly is crucial for safety and longevity, whether in your range bag for a day at the shooting range or in a gun safe at home. When packing your unloaded firearm in a range bag, place it in a secure, padded compartment designed to hold firearms. This protects the firearm from damage during transport and minimizes the risk of accidental discharge. Use firearm-specific cases or sleeves within your bag for added protection and organization.

At home, a gun safe is the best option for storing firearms securely and responsibly. A high-quality gun safe protects your firearms from theft, unauthorized access, and damage. Choosing an appropriately sized safe for your collection is essential, with robust locking mechanisms and fire protection. Using racks or separators and proper storage within the safe can prevent scratches and damage to your firearms.

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