What size safe do you need?

what size

Finding the right safe can be difficult. With so many great options on the market, how do you know which safe is right for you? While there are many factors to consider, such as whether you need a gun safe or a home safe, you’ll still need to determine the correct size. So what size safe do you need? Let’s find out!

Consider What You Have

When purchasing a safe, it’s important to consider what you’ll put in it. If you only need to lock away a few important documents, a small home safe that fits nicely in your closet is a great option. On the other hand, if you’re an avid gun collector, you’ll need a larger gun safe to help store and protect all of your firearms. 

Consider Your Home’s Layout

When determining what size safe you need, you should consider your home’s layout and how much space you have available. If you live in a smaller apartment, you probably don’t have space for a large gun safe like the Fatboy 64 Extreme, which holds 64 long guns. 

However, if you own a larger home with plenty of storage space, you may consider investing in a larger safe to hide away and protect your valuables. 

Think Long-Term

Finally, when purchasing a safe, it’s important to think long-term. While safes are affordable, they are still expensive. So you don’t want to run out of space a year after purchasing it. Safes are built to last, and if you take care of them, they will serve you well for decades to come. When purchasing a safe, don’t only think about your immediate needs; think about what you’ll need down the road.

If you only need a small safe for a few valuable possessions, a simple home safe is perfect. If you want a gun safe and plan on growing your collection, then purchase a safe with enough room for your collection to grow.

You may be tempted to buy a safe that fits the exact number of firearms you currently own, but then you’ll be out of space before you know it. By thinking long-term, you can make sure you’re well-prepared for any new additions to your collection. 

One of the best ways to determine what size safe you need is to look at them in person. While online shopping is great, stopping by to see and touch a safe is a better way to determine that it’s a great fit for you. Stop by our showroom to browse our vast selection of home and gun safes. Our team of safe experts can help you identify the best option for you and your needs. 

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