What is a biometric lock?


Looking for a higher form of security? If so, you have come to the right place! A biometric lock is going to provide you with exactly what you want. As a safe owner, it is natural that you want to keep your valuables safe. Despite that, many issues come with a standard lock that can inhibit its functionality. Here is everything you need to know about a biometric lock, along with the advantages that come with owning one.

How does a biometric device work?

A biometric device is one that grants access through the use of a biological feature. An example would be a phone that is unlocked through face recognition. A biometric lock similarly requires your unique fingerprint to open it. This means that only you will be able to get in and out of your safe.

Biometric fingerprint locks are also faster to open than regular safe locks. Inputting a combination code or using a physical key can take up a lot of time to unlock the door. This means that if there were an emergency, you would not be able to reach the contents as fast. For example, many homeowners choose to keep their gun in their safe; however, getting your firearm out of your safe when you have to input a passcode can be difficult under pressure.

How safe are biometric locks?

It goes without saying that biometric locks are extremely safe. It is extremely unlikely that someone else is going to come into possession of your finger anytime soon, so you do not have to worry about people breaking into your safe. This not only keeps out intruders but kids as well.

If, for some reason, your lock malfunctions, then you do not have to worry! A large majority of biometric locks include a backup way to open it in the form of a keypad or generic lock. Some biometric locks combine these two forms of security to make it twice as hard to break into your safe.

How much does a biometric lock cost?

A biometric lock costs anywhere from $100 – $300, depending on the brand that you purchase. With that being said, there are many safes you can purchase that come pre-installed with one as part of the package. If you have yet to buy a safe and are interested in owning one with a biometric lock, then you should buy one straight out of the gate. This will save you time on replacing and repurposing your current safe.

If you already have a safe, then do not let that stop you either. Although it is going to take some time, replacing a lock is not too difficult a job if you know what you are doing. For this reason, it is recommended that you get a professional’s help if you want to install a biometric lock correctly.

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