Centurion 12

Centurion 12

Centurion 12

12 Long Guns

Level 1 Security

7 Lock Bars

30 Min. Fire at 1200º F

245 lbs.

59.5” x 18.25” x 18”


About the Centurion 12 Gun Safe

The Centurion 12 is part of Liberty Safe’s Centurion series, which is one of the best entry-level options for gun owners. Its affordable pricing doesn’t diminish its quality construction or high-level security.

The Centurion 12 offers heavy-duty steel construction combined with layers of fireboard, giving it a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1200º F. It offers safety against multiple threats by locking in place with 7 military-type locking bars and includes Liberty Safe’s relocker mechanism, which locks the safe down if anyone attempts to open it with force.

Capable of storing 12 long guns, this safe is great for those on a budget or without much space to keep a gun safe. The Centurion 12 can easily be kept in a closet, basement, or other small room.

To top it off, you can choose between a high-end mechanical or Elock.

Liberty gun safes can also be customized with your choice of interior and exterior colors. 

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