How to Safely Navigate Stairs with a Gun Safe

navigate stairs

Regarding securing your firearms, North American Safes is your go-to partner for top-notch safes and expert advice. But what happens when you need to move that heavy gun safe up or down a flight of stairs? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll share some practical tips and insights on how to navigate stairs with a gun safe safely. 

Can a gun safe go upstairs?

Moving a heavy gun safe up or down stairs can indeed be done, but it’s a task that requires careful planning and the right equipment. First, assess the layout of your staircase and measure doorways to ensure the safe can fit through without any issues. Gather the necessary equipment, including a heavy-duty dolly, moving straps, and furniture sliders. Enlist the help of strong individuals to assist with the lifting and maneuvering, and make sure to use proper lifting techniques to prevent injury. Securing the safe with moving straps and taking it slow are essential steps for a successful move. If the safe is exceptionally large or heavy, or you have doubts about the process, consider seeking professional assistance.

Is a gun safe too heavy for your floor?

Evaluating whether a gun safe is too heavy for your floor is a critical consideration, and North American Safes is here to provide expert guidance. The weight of a gun safe can be substantial, and it’s essential to consider your floor’s load-bearing capacity before installation. Factors such as floor type, location, safe weight, and even floor reinforcement must be considered. 

Concrete floors are generally better suited to handle the weight than wooden floors, and installing the safe near load-bearing walls or support beams can distribute the weight more effectively. Additionally, consulting with a structural engineer or contractor to assess your floor’s capacity is advisable for added peace of mind, especially if you have concerns about the safe’s weight.

That being said, gun safes come in all sorts of sizes. If you are concerned about your gun safe breaking your floor, then consider purchasing something lighter. 

Does a safe have to be bolted down?

While not always a strict requirement, securing a safe to the floor or wall is a practice strongly recommended by North American Safes for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it significantly bolsters the security of your safe by making it far more challenging for potential burglars to steal. Moreover, anchoring your safe ensures stability, preventing accidental tipping or toppling, especially in areas prone to seismic activity. Additionally, many safe manufacturers stipulate that safes must be properly anchored to maintain the validity of their warranties. In the unfortunate event of a fire, a bolted-down safe is less likely to shift, thus ensuring the protection of your valuables. Lastly, anchoring your safe also contributes to child safety by preventing unauthorized access and potential accidents. 

What to expect when using movers?

When it comes to moving a gun safe, particularly upstairs, enlisting the services of professional movers is not just a convenience but a wise choice for safety and security. Using movers ensures the move is handled with the utmost care and expertise. Professionals are trained to assess the specific requirements of moving heavy safes. They consider factors like weight, size, and the layout of your staircase. Additionally, they come equipped with the proper tools and equipment to handle the task safely. These tools include specialized dollies, straps, and padding to protect the safe and your property. Their experience using proper lifting techniques minimizes the risk of injury and damage.

Additionally, professional movers are typically insured, providing coverage for your valuable safe during transit. All in all, when relocating a gun safe, especially upstairs, the safer and more secure choice is to rely on the expertise of professional movers like North American Safes.

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