Home Safe vs. Safety Deposit Box

Home Safe vs. Safety Deposit Box

If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s security, then you have come to the right place! Many homeowners choose to address this problem by either investing in a home safe or a safety deposit box. Let’s go over the pros and cons of both so you can have a clear vision of what it is you should do.

The Benefits of a Home Safe

The main difference between a home safe and a safety deposit box is the location. As the name implies, a home safe will be readily accessible in your house at all times. On the other hand, a safety deposit box is harder to access due to its location being at a bank. 

Home safes cost more than a safety deposit box at first glance; however, it is a flat fee you have to pay one time. Safety deposit boxes can cost anywhere from $15 – $150, depending on where yours is located. This annual fee can add up quickly and end up costing you more than a home safe in the long run. 

The Benefits of a Safety Deposit Box

A safety deposit box has a lot of benefits that a home safe does not provide. For one, they are a lot more secure. Since the box is tucked away at a bank, you can worry less about break-ins. If you have children, you also have a way to store items that could be dangerous for them to handle or misplace. 

A safety deposit box is more secure on paper; however, it is important to note that no safe is ever truly secure. Although it is extremely unlikely, robberies can still happen, and there is a chance that your safety deposit box could lose its contents. 

Which One is Right For You

Now that you know the pros and cons of each form of storage, it is time to determine which one is right for you. When deciding between a home safe and a safety deposit box, you need to determine which trait matters most to you. If you value ease of access, then a home safe is the way to go. On the flip side, if you want a higher form of security, then a safety deposit box is what you are looking for. 

It is important to note that many homeowners choose to invest in both forms of security. Keeping items such as passports, a will, or firearms in your safety deposit box can cause issues if they need to be accessed quickly. It would be best if you instead considered storing items such as birth certificates, property deeds, or car titles. These documents are vitally important, but there are seldom situations where they need to be accessed immediately. 

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